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The thing that is troubling me today is the cost of contesting a will in the UK. If you are unfortunate enough to have a family member die and you feel you need to dispute their will the cost in the UK can be astronomical. Legal fees are likely to include your own solicitors fee and barristers fees and the case is very likely to go all the way to the High Court for an adjudication. Your must have the correct grounds for contesting the will and their are some very strict time limits that are in place, so knowing how to contest the will is essential and yet it is still likely to cost in excess of £20k to go through the process.  I know as I have just gone through this process on behalf of a friend of mine. They tried changing their mothers will after she had died and failed, so had to contest the will at great cost.

On a brighter note I have been planning next years holiday vacation and I have been looking at potential holiday destinations.  I must say i love traveling and looking at holiday websites is one of my favorite online pastimes. I think this year I am going to go for an All Inclusive  Maldives Holiday. I am not sure where to go as yet but I am considering somewhere that will provide some great snorkeling, Maldives Snorkeling is amongst the best snorkelling in the world with some great snorkeling and dives site.  I just cant wait. I will post photos of my trip hear on my blog when I return from my Maldives Holiday Vacation.